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If you find a repeatidly good spot for any good eating fish, tell no-one but me!! I wo'nt tell anyone that won't take me there to see if you are a liar! If I catch fish where you told me they were, I'll tell the people on hunter spot that you are not a LIAR. If I don"t catch anything, I'll find out who you are and break your rod !!!don't lie to me, remember, I wear CAMO! I will also print a good recipe for those "good eating fish".

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Hey Camocrotch, all that talk about breaking my rod is HOT!!!!!
dear Boy George, do you have a stiff rod or one that bends easy?? I think I could give you some "pointers" about differen't ways to hold your pole for maximum effect!!
Hey Camo queer, after seeing that new picture of you in you summer plumage....i don't think i can get my rod stiff anymore. That poor fish. I don't even want to know how you "prepared" it.
my dear new friend. After some research of your personal file;a "fishing rod" that is too flexable for the big ones, I can only assume that is why your member name is "boy" George!!



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