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By a Vote of 32-6

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Yes it did pass the State Senate on 10-23-08 by a nice margin of 32-6. It still needs to be passed by the state assembly. Here is an article from NRA on it. I just got done writing to my assemblyman to urge their support. Everyone in NJ please do the same! At the bottom of this NRA article there is a tool that lets you find your representatives and email/write or call them.
NJ Hunters dont get your hopes up! I was just told about three weeks ago that the bill failed baddly in the state assembly... This info came from a very good source, he is an ex-game wordan and now on the board of the Atlantic county sportsman federation! I was also told that it would be brought up for vote one more time in April. If it dose not pass at that time it is shot down!!!!! so we need all hunters to call and write our state assembly members and tell them what we think about the way they should vote!!!!!
Make sure you all read and know the new rule book this year! The Sunday bow hunting did pass, " KIND OF" you can only hunt on sundays on private ground or DMA's!!! dont be caught hunting on any goverment property, State, county, or other wise!!!
I am so happy now i have something to do on Sunday!!!!



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