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I have nuisance alligator skulls for sale . They are musuem quality skulls all the skulls have been cleaned/ bleached ,dismantled all 22 peices and 80 teeth have been individually cleaned and glued clamped and reassembled so they wont fall apart. They are also legal to possess . I have c.i.t.e.s. tag numbers for each animal.They are much more complicated than a mammal skull to taxidermy.

All of my skulls are rather large they are off of 10.5 to 12 feet nuisance alligators

here is a link with a couple of skull pictures

My e mail is

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Pretty cool. Definitely make a good conversation piece, haha. How much do you sell them for?
I sell them for 200 dollars. Other stores down here sell smaller skulls of near the same quality for 300 plus dollars. They are a lot of work to assemble . And its a lot of work to remove flesh and etc. It takes about 1 month to clean the skull and about 15 hrs work to assemble a skull. They are much more complicated than a deer or mammal. Its like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

I will sell a frozen head for 50 dollars and you can do it yourself . If you wanted to try to taxidermy one.

I would be interested in trading one for a nice black bear or grizzly bear skull. I have a friend I would like to give a bear skull as a gift
looking for a 20 plus inch gator skull if u still have any please give me a call at 281-757-0663 i would like one to clean myself i do have a couple of black bear skulls if u are still interested in trading
I'm looking to buy a large gator skull and can't get in touch with GatorBrandon. Anybody have any info on where I can find one at a decent price? Thanks.
If you can't get get in touch with GatorBrandon it may be that he is no longer a trapper and has no more product to sell. If you do not hear from him you can contact me @ 239-571-0375 or I looked over the trappers list and did not find GatorBrandon's e-mail address. I do not want ot take bussiness away from a fellow trapper so I will also call around and find out if he is still active and if he has any products left for sale. If not, we can help you out.
Still no word...

Hey there, I have two large and two small alligator skulls for sale. Brought them home on plane! Moving an need to sell at least two of them... I can send pics/ the teeth are not placed inside yet. you can email me at millicentsgarden(at)yahoo(dot)com. take care, jenny roberts




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