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Does any one have one and live near canada that wants to get rid of it,....I need parts for mine and I really don't want to put this bow down. I need accessories and the company doesn't manufacture it anymore, so this is the route I need to go. Looking for all accessories for this bow. Looking for someone who wants to get rid of thiers.........or someone who knows where I can find compatable parts. As well looking to hear from those of you with one.
Provided I can finish outfitting my bow, 30inch draw and 60 lbs pull, I am going to do my first bit of bow hunting this year....on American Black Bear and Whitetail Deer! Looking forward to it, just need to conquer this small hirtle.

Many thanks to you,
Travis M Taylor
NS, Canada

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I have one. I think it too is 30"/60lb. I can send you photos of the bow if you like. I live in BC.

To bad Travi..I have a brand new one with everything...same draw lenght and #'s...I am selling tow bos for $200 or BO...But I live In East Lansing Michigan....Maria
Hey Travis I have a 30" 65# ready to go quiver, case, arrows, target and mech. heads, whisker biscuit, tru-glo sites got two whitetail last year and looking to upgrade. Make an offer if interested. P.S. Maria Can't buy new unless it's been sitting in a box for 15 yrs this is a true classic compound!

I have a Bear Whitetail 2 with an 80 lb pull, but have no desire to part with it.

Does any one have a manual for a whitetail 2 bow, I just got one at a flee market with no manual or accessories?



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