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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced plans to implement a recently approved Conservation Order (CO) for snow geese. Implementation of the CO in New Jersey establishes an unlimited harvest spring hunting season from March 11 through April 18, 2009 (except Sunday's). In addition to the no bag limit hunting season outside of the traditional hunting period, the CO allows for the use of electronic calls and shotguns loaded with up to seven (7) shells.

A CO is a special management action authorized by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act that is needed to control certain wildlife populations when traditional management programs are unsuccessful in preventing overabundance of that population. This action is granted under the authority of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Credential requirements:
1. 2009 New Jersey Hunting or All-Around Sportsmen License
2. 2008 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (2008 stamp valid till 6/2009)
3. 2008 NJ Waterfowl Stamp (2008 stamp valid until June 30, 2009)
4. NJ Snow Goose CO certification which consist of a Harvest Diary Sheet
HIP certification is not required

See the following link for full details on the New Jersey Snow Goose Conservation Order

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Wow that's pretty cool news. I was just watching something on Versus about how the snow goose population has become way to large in North America and they are essentially destroying their own habitat. They were also talking about how Spring Snow goose seasons were popping up across the country. Don't see many of them around our way though. I was just talking to Mark about this, he told me they used to hunt them all the time, with great results, but rarely see them anymore. But who knows, maybe we'll see them in March when its going to count!
A friend of mine who hunts the Absecon Bays went out this past Saturday and wishes he brought his snow goose decoys. Said he hasn't seen that many Snow Geese since he first got his license in the early 90's. Saw one flock of over 200+ geese. And you are right, maybe it will pick up in those prime months.



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