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How many of you have them and if so let's seee some pics!

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My duck dog's name is Duckdawg Eba's River Knockout - "Punch". He just turned two and getting ready for the trip to Canada in about 3 weeks. He has his HRC Started Title and am currently training him to start his Field Trial Campaign next Spring!
Here is one of my clients dogs we ran at Southern Flight HRC two seasoned passes, need two more for the title.
Hopefully we can get that in Ripley TN in OCT. Not a very good picture though.
Got two! One is retired but "Sprig" here is my boy!
here's some pic's of my 9 year old lab. He'll be 10 this december, and still loves the game.
Here is my Tolling Retriever Leyline's Samantha of Deep Creek, "Sam". The pic with me and her was her second retrieve in the James River in Virginia on a Bufflehead at 9 months old.



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