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Just getting started out in duck hunting, looking for an all around boat. Something I can use in the spring/summer fishing the rivers and bays of south jersey and then convert into a duck hunting boat for the fall/winter. All my friends use "sneak boxes" but too small for me, have a wife and new baby at home, I don't think it will be too fair to purchase a boat just for myself. Or I should say, I don't have a choice in the matter, I need to buy something to fit a small family on. If anybody has any suggestions on boats they have either been on or own, please let me know. Thanks!

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This is a hard question you see the thing is you need two boats I gess it depends on what kinda duck hunting you do.
A good duck hunting boat is realy just for shallow water and if you want to fish the bay you need a bigger boat to be safe.
Now if you hunt divers and find open water is where you hunt most of the time TDB (sea class) are good boats and they can "fit a small family on" but they are way expensive. In the end you would be better buying a cheep sneakbox for like $500 to $800 and a cheep back bay boat in a little bit higher price range you will be way more happy in the end.

Here in Texas, we find that an aluminum boat works well for both fresh and coastal marsh hunting. I am not familiar with the Jersey shore area (where I assume you hunt) but a boat like this one wareagle boats would be a good all around boat. Aluminum has its benefits such as lower cost, lower maintenance and high gunwales to keep the kids inside. Chuck U has a point in the two boat concept. As a licensed captain, I can tell you that there is no "perfect" boat for everything, but one could theoretically buy an aluminum boat and afford another lower-end fiberglass boat for other applications.



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