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Hi guys and gals, Just wondering what other areas have for limits. We only get 2(canadians) a day here(nw iowa) with the info I have from DU we are losing habitat up north because there are far too many geese eating the vegitation right down to the ground, Canadians are almost a nusance here. We very rarely get into snows here and that would help the situation if we could help thin them out. Just wondering what other people are thinking?

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NJ is 15 a day for our early canadian season (september) we can take the plugs out of our shotguns also can use electronic calls. Normal goose season season we can get 3 a day and our limit for snows is 15 a day. Snows are a pain they only like huge amounts of decoys and are not call friendly they will trash a field in two days on top of all that they are not very tasty!
I am glad somebody gets to thin them out, I live just south of a refuge for canadians so it really drives me nuts when I can only shoot 2 a day. We can take 25 snows(if they ever come through) my experiance with snows (very little) taught me they are only good for
meat sticks(if you season the crap out of them and mix it with beef) Thanks for the reply
Early Pa season is 8 while most of the state (RP Zone) has a 5 bird limit for the late season. In the AP Zone its only 3. The AP zone is also a month shorter than the RP zone. We can take 15 snows a day here. Here in South Central Pa we don't get a lot of snows but we do see some. Have one farm that is garunteed every year to have at least a dozen swans on. Take a 45 min ride east and you have Muddy Run Wildlife Refuge and its usually full of any kind of waterfowl you want to see in the Atlantic Flyway. Another 45 mins to an hour farther East and you have Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge and you can see the same. Watched about 5000 swans fly out of there one morning as well as thousands of snows and canadas.
Here in Western Colorado we can take 3 Dark Geese (Canadas) but just over the divide they have a limit of 4 Canadas. But the divide is the boundary for Pacific and Central flyways. No CO season on the western slope for Snows
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