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Was wondering now that turkey season is over, what are most of us doing? I for one have been hard at work making custom turkey calls. Just posted upthe latest batch on a few other sites ie. nwtf, the zone,old gobbler etc.etc. Will try posting up a few here? Jr. Wingbone custom calls is what I go by if your looking. Anyways let's hear what your ALL up too...

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Hey Julio,
I am leaving here (AZ) in about an hour and heading for California for the archery black tail season.I will let everyone know how the hunt went as soon as I get home.
Let us know when you have those pic's up.
I make decals. I could make some for Wingbone Custom Calls.
Well, after a great season and taking 2 good birds, momma said it was time to get back to work. Trying to get out in the woods when I can and get trails and Blinds cleaned up for fall and next years Youth hunt. Busy, Busy, Busy.
Glad to see some folks are still around. Good luck on your deer hunt! AS for decals, ??? Sounds like I may have to look ya up! As per keeping the lady happy, GOOD LUCK!



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