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On a wet and rainy morning last year, all my friends (including Steve) were in bed. I said screw it, whats a lil rain, and went out. I got up into my tree, and took a look down to my bait which is about 80 yards away, and there stood one deer by itself. I got in the stand right at legal shooting time, so it was still pretty dark to see a deer at 80 yards in the rain. Looked pretty big, but I just couldn't find any horns on em. I looked and looked, cleaned the scope multiple times, but I just couldn't make it out.

It started to get a lil lighter, and I had the feeling he was a buck, but I still couldn't make out any horns. All of a sudden he leaves the pile and starts to walk towards me. I have some really thick cover between me and the pile, so I can't see shit right now, just praying he takes the right steps to make it to where it begins to clear around the base of my stand.

All of a sudden he pops outta some brush on a light run to my right. I quickly noticed the nice set of horns. Luckily this part of the woods is much more clear, just a bunch of trees. I quickly found him in the scope while using the rest of my vision outside the scope to pick an area between two trees. As he entered an opening I quick took a shot and made sure I followed through. I made a nice clean kill on him, didn't go far.

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Hey Jim, when i killed my 162" it was rainin so hard I could barley see him!!! Love hunting in the rain, them old bucks feel a little more comfortable in the rain or fog and tend to move when the weather is rough...I never let the rain hold me back!!!
You got it man, they do like it. Even though they can't hear as well, I think they also like how it deadens their sound when moving. Also, it keeps it darker a lil longer in the mornings, which can keep them around just long enough for you to pop in.
Yea it kinda gives them a feeling of a little more cover I think......Especially in the fog, seen a monster one morning in a field when it was real foggy, never got a shot cause of the fog, he wasn't 100 yards from and just vanished...Never seen him again....



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