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Just got in from the woods, seen a big buck that I was watching in late July, early August in the soybeans...I was sitting in the hardwoods between the powerlines and beanfield, bout 100 yards from each, in the middle of some oaks thats droppin like rain..It was dead in there til about 20 minutes fore dark and he came slippin in from the powerlines, he got bout 40 yards from me and I thought he was comin my way but he angled away from me. I'm in a tree that I've hunted for years and killed several deer out of...The wind was perfect, he just had a certain way he was goin and thats that...He's a big 9pt. with a brow on one side thats gotta be at least 10 inches long. Hes a 4 year old for sure!!! I'm gonna say he's in the high 130s.. Gonna stay on him!!! This deer has been missin for the last 2 months, haven't seen him and he's somehow avoiding my trail cams...Wish me luck!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!

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Damn man!!! sounds like you need to hook up a portable or something and get that big boy... Good luck and get to it!!!
Steve, I'm hunting out of my tree that I call "The Killin Tree"....Killed several deer out of it over the years, they just aint got no main trail comin thru there...There is trails in and out everywhere...Gonna watch and see if he uses that way again...Seen bucks go by me in there out of range and next time come under me...Got faith in that tree!!!! If he keeps that up I'm gonna move on him, gonna give him a few more days tho...
Well good luck, Sounds like he is a nice one for sure hope you have pic's next time of him
hunt HARD AND BE SAFE ........P.S. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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