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Time have been tough this year for hunting standards for me. Haven't had much time to get in the woods having a new born at home but I was able to get out on Sunday, October 5, 2008 to put out about 40lbs of potatoes and 10lbs of corn. Trusted an old stand that is in a main intersection of deer runs and always has lots of scrapes/rubs around it. I was a little wary though about hunting this spot, a month before this I took a walk and noticed that somebody decided to steal my screw in steps out of one of my trees (he was nice enought to leave my stand up though).

Now it's Monday, October 6, 2008 and I'm in my stand by 5:30am. Sun is coming up, getting excited... No clue whats out here, didn't want to leave the camera out because I was afraid somebody might have stolen that as well. Don't you just love hunters!!! 7AM and still nothing, one bunny rabbit... 8am nothing nothing nothing, 9am climb down and drive home empty handed. Damn that sucks, first morning in the woods and not even a fawn!

Same day but 4pm, I'm in the stand ready to go. 4:30pm I hear something!!! Not a deer though, it's a car door slam. I look towards wear I park and I can see the owner of the property running down the main trail of the piece I'm hunting screaming at the top of her lungs!!!!!! So I climb down and start whispering to her (she's about 50 yards away from me when I see her). She screams back at me "Steve is that you?!?!, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't the A$$ Hole who stole your steps, I didn't recognize your truck! And why and the hell are you whispering???" HAHA I explain to her that I'm trying to hunt and she explains to me that "the Fing deer love her and not to worry about a thing, you'll still shoot a big buck!" Now as she walks up to me she gives me a big old hug while i'm wearing my new scent lock clothes and she stinks to high heaven like old lady perfume! Bye toots! and she leaves!

Climb back in my stand shaking my head wondering why and the heck am I even trying to continue this hunt. I decide to stick it out and at about 5:45 here comes a doe and two fawns. They came right to the bait and start munching away. 20 minutes goes by and they get spooked off by some kids at a near by house screaming at the top of their lungs.

Now it's about 6:00pm and I'm really upset. Hang up my bow, which I never do! Thinking to myself I'm done with this spot, crazy lady running through the woods, thiefs in the woods, kids screaming!!! AAAAHHHH First day I get out and this is what I get. Just found a real nice spot behind my house so I'll give up driving 10 minutes when I can walk out my back door.

6:30pm... Holy Crap!!!! 80 yards out and I see him, huge body deer and wide thick horns... I grab my bow and get ready. He's walking right towards me, I catch myself looking for his horns... I see lots of mass and now.... BUCK FEVER!!! Uncontrollable shaking. Close my eyes, look up at the sky and pray to god that I don't mess this up. haha because if I do, nobody will ever here this story! 25 yards out he quarters towards me walks 3 more yards, turns broadside! I draw back, place my 20 yard pin on him and let the arrow fly! Awesome hit, went right through. Damn I love those rage 3blade broadheads! Now instead of listening for him to crash, I catch myself doing what I like to call "Fat man in a little deerstand dance"

Call my dad, tell him I shot a monster doe and need help tracking. He arrives 30 minutes later and the track is on. Not a lot of blood at first but then after about 50 yards it starts pouring out. Dad follows blood to the left, I follow blood to the right???? Must have done a death circle, I found him behind a big oak tree and when Dad heard me scream and start counting 4, 5 7, 9.... 11!!!!!! "I thought it was a doe!!!" I told him I didn't want to get all excited in case I didn't find him.

143pounds dressed, 4 on one side 7 on the other... Check out the eye guard. Biggest buck I have ever killed and I think thats about as good as it's getting for Jersey my friends, unless your hunting fenced deer.

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Awesome Steve!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a feeling I'm addicted to!!! Nothing like it!!! Congrats and keep huntin hard, every big one I've killed just makes me hunt even harder!!! That buck was fat..His neck is fat, thick hide, signs of age...Great deer..I'm happy 4 you!!
I love how Jake has to be in the photos right next to you lol!



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