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It's about 5 on Tuesday, Dec. 9th and the wind is howling outta the south here in Bama. A bunch of rain is moving in, the temp is up to bout 65, and the deer are in the middle of a GOOD rut from what I been seeing...Saw 12 different bucks this past weekend outta one stand, and I hate to say it but I missed a nice one Saturday morning..He came out bout 150 yards from me on the powerlines, doe first then bout 20 yards behind he was following. Could have and should have shot him when he stepped out, but I was trying to see how big he was, then he headed straight to me with his head down..The doe crossed in front of me bout 100 yards, the middle of the powerlines are grown up, I got the sides cut, bout 20 foot wide or so down each side. So I figured she was leading him across and I would get a good shot on the other side, it all worked out until he decided to tear out after her wide open, and I pulled the trigger right before he hit the woods. At this time I got a good look at his rack, he was nice, real nice, alot nicer than I thought...Within 15 minutes after all the "shootin and no hittin" 5 different bucks came down the same trail looking for that doe, they were all 1 and 2 year olds...Then seen 4 bucks Sunday morning out looking for does, one 8 pt was pretty nice, I let him go thinking he may be in there that afternoon for Becca to kill..So we went back that afternoon and seen the same buck, except he was about 450 yards, she didn't think she could hit him that far, so she didn't shoot..Then a couple more young bucks crossed before dark..She won't be able to hunt again til Sunday morning...I told her I would keep an eye on him for her...

Shot this buck in the same spot the day after Thanksgiving...He was about 300 yards and I really couldn't tell how big he was I just knew his body looked mature and I could see enough horn not to take a chance...So I shot and drilled him right in the shoulder, I held over bout six inches, I'm dead on at 200..The bullet hit right where I wanted it to...I was proud of my shot and he is a nice buck, probably wouldn't have shot if I had got a better look at him...He would've been nice next year...The tripod at the powerlines is the place I'm gonna be from now til X-MAS, big timber on one side and thickets and soybeans on the other...They gotta cross it, killed all my bigger deer over the years on these powerlines...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL....GOOD LUCK!!

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Great story and Great buck, good job man. Keep up the good work. Havne't seen much of anything after I got my big boy early this year. It's 6 day buck only shotgun season up here in jersey, so i'm hitting the woods hard right now. No results yet though, bunch of gun clubs pushing deer every where. It's got the woods all screwed up around here.
Stay after em Steve!!! Hope you kill a GIANT!!!
Great story and tell Becca that I am proud of her knowing her limitations and holding to them.
Thanks Bill, and I will tell her!!!



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