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What's it lookin like folks???? Here in BAMA, might I mention we are #1...ROLL TIDE!!!...The rut is starting to crank up...I'm here on the AL/TN stateline and have been hunting a farm in AL and in TN...Both places are full of sign, in the last week the 1 year old and 2 year old bucks have been chasing pretty hard... Usually when you see them chasing, it ain't but another week or so the older bucks that I'm looking for are on their feet...I always predict the first 2 weeks of December are the the time to be in the woods around here..Looks like I'm gonna hit it right on the head again... Killed 3 bucks thats on my wall on Dec. 3rd....What's goin on where you hunting????


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Right in the middle of it here in OK. Guy south of us killed a nice buck Sat AM following a doe. Mine was by himself, but have gotten trail cam pics over the last week of bucks with does, and the big 6 point was with a doe this AM. After I shot her, he, and two other smaller bucks hung around her until I walked up to her. Almost had to run them off...the smell of love is a powerful thang...
Yea, I've seen bucks that I think would walk thru Wal-Mart parkin lot following a doe....LOL ...Wonder if after the rut them big old bucks lay up and realize how stupid they was????
Nothing yet, its usally the 2nd gun season before we see bucks chasing does. Its been like that the past 8 years where we hunt but here where i live they have been chasing for a couple of weeks and its only about 40 miles apart. My buddy has got 7 bucks on trail cam that will go over 120 and two that is over 150 and we have yet to see one during daylight hours and the two 150's are always together. The pics he's getting are between 12:30am and 5:00am. Its aggervating knowing whats there but nobody has seen them.
Just got back from PA, and the rut is on there. There was plenty of sign when we setup are seats, and Steve and I both saw a 1-horn spike wreaking havoc like he was tough sh*t. He was chasing a doe all over the woods, grunting at her like he owned the place. Right past me, and went on chasing her right past Steve's stand. By no means a nice buck, but always a really cool thing to watch these guys hard at work in the rut.

Here in NJ, rut has also been on for a while. Had a 3 pointer run in on my doe scent couple weeks ago. My dad's good friend just shot a real nice 10 outta his backyard too, was chasing a doe that was eating his grass!!! Shotgun starts here monday(december 8th).



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