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Samantha Virk

Samantha Virk with her Elk
Samantha Virk with her Alaska Bear
Samantha Virk is a Professional Hunter whom has hunted since the age of 9 when her father taught her to hunt and respect the outdoors. At first sight of the beautiful Samantha, it’s hard to imagine this model looking girl trudging through the wilderness in pursuit of big game animals, sometimes dangerous big game. She is eloquent, sophisticated, intelligent, and very personable. Samantha is a former Toronto Outdoor News Girl. She owns a Consumer Product Design/Packaging Marketing business in Pomona, California and has designed products for some of the Outdoor Industry’s largest retailers. Samantha is dedicated to presenting the positive aspects of her sport. She is currently working as a member of Safari Club International to make hunters more aware of a program where hunters are able to donate the meat of their hunts to needy families.

Her involvement in the “Green Hunting Program” emphasizes her commitment to conservation. “Green Hunting” offers the unique synergy between sport hunting and conservation. The animal is shot with a tranquilizer, tagged, photographed, research data taken, and then released again into the wild.” Samantha hunts with a Mathews DXT, Remington 270 & 243, Weatherby 300 Mag, and a Benelli shotgun. This past May Samantha shot a Boone and Crocket Alaskan Black Bear . Last fall she shot a 6x6 bull elk with her bow, went fly fishing on the Kern River, halibut fishing in Alaska, shot whitetail deer in Iowa & Nebraska, shot Ibex and a ram in the deserts, and shot 4 wild boars. In previous years, Samantha has been equally as busy hunting and positively representing the hunting industry. Samantha’s business, hunting adventures, conservation projects, educational lectures and appearances keep Samantha on the road. For more information: or contact at Profile Page

Nick Mealer

Nick Mealer in the woods
Nick Mealer
Nick has hunted whitetails on family property and adjoining properties his whole life. He has managed and grew trophy whitetails for the last 12 years. Nick holds experience in setting aside land just for whitetails and promoting good cover for them. He is devoted in letting young bucks walk and thinning doe herds, and attributes his whole hunting career to the Drury brothers. Nick has recently devoted much of his time to whitetails, but has significant experience in waterfowl hunting as well. He spent 8 years in Arkansas in duck leases, hunting rice fields from pits, as well as flooded timber, and has hunted Canadians from river bottom cornfields in layout blinds to big water geese on the river. An experienced waterfowl caller, Nick has learned from some of the best. He spent 2 years guiding in Arkansas on duck leases, and has “made many hens widows”. Nick loves to give advice on any topic when it comes to hunting and fishing and feels very fortunate to have spent this much time in the outdoors. From deer to ducks and bass to turkeys, Nick has spent his 29 years hunting and fishing anything that is legal. Nick spends a lot of time on so just drop him a line if you want to talk tips, advice, or just plain old stories! Check out his Whitetail Bragging Board under the groups section. Profile Page

Jason Mascio

Jason Mascio
Jason Mascio
Jason has been in the outdoors for 30 years, and hunting/Fishing for 25 years. He believes he was "taught by the best pure hunter and outdoors man there ever was! (His Father)." Jason has harvested over a thousand whitetail deer in his life with several hundred of them being bucks. He has taken two whitetail bucks in the 130" class, and has taken two noteworthy Mule Deer Bucks, one in the 170" and one in the 180" class! He also has hunted Elk and exotic animals, including 4 spices of rams with his bow (Shunt, Corsican, Texas Dahl, and Muflon ). He has primarily hunted the East coast from PA down to Alabama, but has hunted several other states including: Mississippi, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, and Montana. Jason recently made his first trip to Canada as well, taking a whitetail buck there. "I believe in hunting for the meat, but I do love them BIG horns!" he says. He preaches the importance of only taking a shot when you are sure you have a clean and safe shot at your target, and loves to pass down his knowledge to the next generation. Be sure to check out his extensive photo collection, it's one of the biggest on! Profile Page


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