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“Grant a Wish Outdoor Adventure™”
Bill Booth Outdoors is looking for a few select people that are fighting a life threatening illness to
participate in our Grant-a-Wish Outdoor Adventure. The purpose of this show is to encourage people
dealing with their illness to enjoy the outdoors. They will lead by example, that an outdoor experience
allows one to escape from the stress of disease and be invigorated both physically and mentally. Thirteen
individuals will join the Bill Booth Outdoors team as a star on their very own Outdoor Adventure, which
will be filmed as the Bill Booth Outdoors television series.
Applicants must have or recovered from, a life threatening illness, yet be healthy enough to participate in
the outdoor adventure. Applicants must be comfortable with talking about their illness on camera. The
minimum age is 10, all applicants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their
To apply please send a request to Bill Booth Outdoors, include your age, photo, contact information
and a short description of your illness and treatment(s). Also, include why you have chosen the location
and adventure you wish to have granted. The wish can be a hunting trip, fishing trip or any outdoor
adventure. It’s your wish!
The deadline is December 15, 2008. All requests will be reviewed by Bill Booth and crew, a final decision
will be made based on the most compelling story. Thirteen winners will be announced in January of 2009
and will be scheduled for the 2009 season.
Bill Booth Outdoors is a television series that is being developed for an outdoor cable network.
Please send or e-mail requests to:
c/o Bill Booth Outdoors,LLC
22010 60th Ave East
Bradenton, FL 34211

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Comment by HER OUTDOORS WITH SARRAH on August 21, 2008 at 4:23pm
Love the idea BIll ! If you ever need anything let me know ! What an exciting idea for those to get involved who have been down on their luck .I cant wait for you to enjoy the smiles from all the participants... not much on this earth more rewarding than that .
Comment by Steve on August 21, 2008 at 2:50pm
Keep up the good work Bill, thats awesome! If there is anything can do for you please let us know.


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