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Let Ice Fishing Shelters Chase Away the Winter Blues


   The days of sitting on a bucket freezing to death praying that even a 5” blue gill will hit the bait can be over.  No longer is it a survival test; man vs. the elements.  Old man winter will always win.  Now the simple sport of ice fishing can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable for the whole family.  All it takes is the right equipment.  Just the right ice fishing shelter can take the drudgery out of this great sport.


    It is a well-known fact that the cold temperatures and the snow and ice that the Northern winters bring can affect the human psyche.  This phenomenon is commonly referred to as cabin fever or the winter blues.  Don’t be victimized. Thousands have discovered the relaxing experience of the sport of ice fishing.  Today’s technology has made it possible to enjoy this simple sport with family and friends.  Can’t afford a fishing boat, trailer, motor, and all of the other accessories?  Wait until you can walk on the water.


   Portable ice fishing shelters come in all styles. The hub-style shelters are conveniently carried in a back pack. These shelters are flexible, lightweight, mobile, and quick and easy to set up. It becomes extremely easy to move from one fishing hole to another.  These shelters come in all sizes which can accommodate from 2-people up to 8-people and all of their fishing accessories.  These shelters are also large enough for ice spearing.  For the solitary ice fisherman, there is a tent chair shelter product.  This shelter comes with its own chair which folds out with the shelter. 


   The design and technology of these ice fishing shelters are unbelievable.  They are designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. One little portable heater will make the fishing experience a warm and memorable one.  The black interior allows clear visibility of fish swimming below the ice. These portable shelters are designed to be wind proof, waterproof, and snow proof.  Most of these shelters are priced below $200.  This is a small price to pay for all of the years, all of the experiences, and all of the great tasting fish.  This makes fishing in ice fishing shelters far more affordable than buying a fishing boat and a trailer.


 Now the traditional stationary ice shanty is not the only choice for ice fishing.  The hub-style portable ice fishing shelters are perfect for the weekend warriors.  Imagine, after a hard week at the office breathing that stale stagnant air, a Saturday of fishing on a nearby frozen lake in a toasty warm lightweight portable shelter is just what the doctor ordered.  Bringing home some fresh walleye, crappie, perch, or even trout will bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Another benefit is that these shelters can also be used as ground hunting blinds.


   Ice fishing presents some good clean fun for the whole family.  It is a well-known fact that kids love to play in the snow and ice.  Fathers can build life-long memories and bonds with their sons and daughters.  The camaraderie  created by a sport like this is very beneficial to the human spirit.  A bowl of chili, a cup of hot chocolate, or a cup of coffee just tastes better out on the ice than at home in the dining room.  It is now easier that ever to get involved in the rewarding sport of ice fishing. Modern technology and design of ice fishing shelters make this sport affordable and enjoyable for everyone.  

  Marianne Porter is the author who has realized all of the personal benefits of portable ice fishing shelters.  For more information and to view a selection of quality name brand ice fishing shelters, ground hunting blinds and other accessories, please visit  You too can have all the comforts and conveniences of these great products.



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